Rapid Response Redefined: How NurseConnect Transforms Patient Call Systems

As a nurse, responding quickly and efficiently to patient calls is central to providing high-quality care and maintaining patient satisfaction. Yet in many healthcare facilities, antiquated call systems and inefficient communication processes can hamper response times and care coordination. NurseConnectTM, an innovative mobile app from Transparent Health, is redefining how patient call systems operate to optimize both patient care and staff collaboration. With NurseConnectTM, nurses can accelerate response times, gain clearer insight into patient needs, and enhance communication with care teams — all of which translates into improved outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and a better overall experience for both patients and staff. For any nurse seeking to take patient care and responsiveness to the next level, NurseConnectTM is a solution worth exploring.

Instant Nurse Call Notifications for Rapid Response

Instant Nurse Call Notifications for Rapid Response

With NurseConnectTM, nurses receive instant notifications on their mobile devices as soon as a patient initiates an emergency call. This allows for rapid response and reduces delays in providing care.

NurseConnectTM sends emergency call alerts directly to nurses’ smartphones via the customized mobile app. The alerts notify nurses of the patient’s name, room number, and call reason to facilitate an immediate response. Nurses can then quickly locate the patient, assess the situation, and take appropriate action. The accelerated response time enabled by real-time notifications translates to improved outcomes, greater patient safety, and increased patient satisfaction.

The mobile alerts also allow nurses to coordinate a team response when needed. Nurses can instantly message colleagues and physicians on their mobile devices to request urgent assistance. Secure messaging within the app facilitates efficient communication and collaboration, enabling a rapid, coordinated response across care teams.

NurseConnectTM completely transforms the outdated patient call systems found in many hospitals. The traditional nurses’ station with blinking lights and noisy alarms is replaced with smart, mobile notifications sent directly to nurses on the floor. This quieter, more sophisticated alert system reduces nuisance calls and alarm fatigue, allowing nurses to focus on patient care. At the same time, the mobile alerts provide nurses flexibility and mobility, freeing them to move about the unit while still receiving critical notifications on their smartphones.

In summary, NurseConnectTM redefines rapid response in healthcare. Sending instant emergency call notifications to nurses’ mobile devices accelerates response times, enhances staff communication, and improves patient outcomes. The result is a patient call system that is smarter, faster, and better able to meet the complex demands of patient care.

Real-Time Care Coordination Across Teams

Optimized Patient Care

NurseConnectTM accelerates response times to patient needs, leading to more effective, timely care and increased patient satisfaction scores.

Real-Time Care Coordination Across Teams

With NurseConnectTM, care teams have a transparent view of call status, patient needs, and staff availability in real-time. This insight enables care coordinators to quickly determine the most appropriate clinician or team to address a patient call based on factors like staffing levels, skills, and patient history.

Care teams can also message each other directly through the app to coordinate a response, clarify patient details, or request backup. This secure collaboration results in faster, higher quality care delivery and a better overall patient experience.

Teams have instant access to comprehensive patient profiles within the app, including details like admittance date, primary diagnosis, mobility status, and more. This data provides critical context for call response, allowing staff to arrive fully prepared to address patients’ needs. The app also time-stamps all calls, messages, and responses, creating a chronological care event timeline for reporting and auditing purposes.

With robust call management, team coordination, and patient profile features built into an intuitive mobile interface, NurseConnectTM delivers an unparalleled level of transparency and efficiency to patient call response systems. The solution’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use design has earned high satisfaction and adoption rates from nurses, care coordinators, and hospital executives alike. By optimizing staff communication, streamlining care coordination, and accelerating response times, NurseConnectTM redefines rapid response in a way that benefits both patients and staff.

Seamless Integration With Leading Nurse Call Systems

NurseConnectTM seamlessly integrates with leading nurse call systems to provide a cohesive experience for staff and optimize patient care. Compatible systems include Hillrom, Rauland, Ascom, and Jeron.

Call Data Integration

Patient call details from legacy systems are imported into NurseConnectTM, providing care teams with complete call history and context. This allows staff to understand the full scope of a patient’s needs and respond appropriately.

Intelligent Call Routing

NurseConnectTM uses data from connected systems to intelligently route calls to the appropriate care team members based on call types, room assignments, and staff skills. This minimizes call response times and ensures patients are connected to staff that can properly address their needs.

Enhanced Call Features

NurseConnectTM enhances basic call alerts with additional details like patient name, room number, and call priority. Care teams also have access to features such as call queuing, call redirection, and group calling to collaborate with colleagues or request additional assistance. These features create a more seamless call response experience for both patients and staff.

Data-Driven Insights

NurseConnectTM aggregates call data from integrated systems to provide data-driven insights into staff response times, call volumes, and more. This data can be used to optimize staffing levels, improve call routing, and gain visibility into opportunities to improve the patient experience.

In summary, the deep integration of NurseConnectTM with leading nurse call systems transforms the patient call experience through intelligent call routing, enhanced communication features, consolidated call data, and data-driven operational insights. The result is a solution that accelerates response times, reduces inefficiencies, and delivers an overall superior experience for patients and staff.

Enhanced Communication Tools for Better Collaboration

NurseConnectTM provides care teams with enhanced communication tools to improve collaboration and boost efficiency.

Secure Messaging

The HIPAA-compliant messaging platform allows nurses, doctors, and other staff to quickly exchange patient information, ask questions, and coordinate care plans. Messages are encrypted and logged to support compliance and auditing requirements. Care team members can create message threads dedicated to individual patients or groups of patients with similar conditions or care needs.

Advanced Call Features

In addition to standard call features like call forwarding, hold, and transfer, NurseConnectTM offers specialized features tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations. Features include:

  • Call queuing: Automatically places non-urgent calls on hold until a nurse is available to answer. Patients receive an automated message informing them of their place in the queue and estimated wait time.

-Call routing: Administrators can configure the system to route specific types of calls to the appropriate care team or staff member based on factors like patient condition, location in the facility, time of day, and staff expertise.

-Customizable call scripts: Standard call greeting scripts can be tailored to patient conditions and care areas. Scripts prompt nurses to gather key information from patients and family members to determine appropriate next steps.

-Call recording: Select calls can be recorded for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes. Recordings are encrypted and access is tightly controlled based on administrator settings.

-Real-time call monitoring: Administrators can monitor select live calls in real-time and provide guidance and feedback to nurses. Call whisper and barge-in features allow administrators to coach nurses during calls without the patient overhearing.

By providing care teams with modern communication tools purpose-built for health care, NurseConnectTM helps streamline collaboration, accelerate response times, and enhance the patient experience. The solution’s advanced yet easy-to-use features facilitate more efficient communication and care coordination across all levels of an organization.

SIP Dialer Provides Direct Voice Access to Nurses

The NurseConnectTM SIP dialer provides nurses with direct voice access to patients through secure VoIP calling. This advanced feature allows nurses to connect with patients swiftly through a dedicated phone system integrated into the mobile platform.

With the SIP dialer, nurses can see incoming calls from patients on their mobile devices, enabling them to answer promptly and provide assistance. The dialer displays the patient’s name, room number, and call reason to give nurses critical context before answering the call. Nurses can also dial out directly to patients from within the app.

The SIP dialer enhances communication with patients through several key capabilities:

Call Routing

Incoming calls are routed to the appropriate nurses based on patient assignment and availability. If the assigned nurse does not answer after a configurable number of rings, the call will automatically be forwarded to the next available nurse. This call routing helps ensure patients connect with a nurse promptly.

Call Recording

All calls made and received through the SIP dialer are recorded and logged within the platform. Recordings and call logs provide valuable information that can be referenced for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.

Real-Time Notifications

Nurses receive notifications on their mobile devices alerting them to incoming calls from patients. Notifications display the patient’s name and room number so nurses know who is calling before answering. Real-time notifications, combined with direct dialing capabilities, enable nurses to respond to patient calls immediately.

The advanced calling features provided by the SIP dialer vastly improve communication between nurses and patients. By giving nurses a dedicated line of access to patients, and routing calls to the appropriate nurse, the SIP dialer helps transform the patient experience through prompt, effective responses. Overall, the SIP dialer is instrumental in achieving the rapid response times that define the NurseConnect solution.


With digital innovations like NurseConnectTM, care teams can fundamentally transform how they respond to and communicate with patients. No longer are nurses and doctors reliant on outdated call systems and pagers that create delays and frustrate both patients and staff. This technology solution provides a seamless way to manage calls, messages, and patient requests to optimize care delivery. By streamlining communication and accelerating response times, NurseConnectTM helps healthcare organizations redefine what rapid response means and achieve new levels of patient satisfaction and quality of care. For any hospital looking to improve care coordination, enhance the patient experience, and empower staff, NurseConnectTM offers a scalable mobile platform for the future of connected health.

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