Transforming Healthcare Operations: The Unparalleled Benefits of Locate360™ Intelligent RTLS


Efficiency and safety are the cornerstones of any healthcare facility’s operations. Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are now playing an essential role in achieving these objectives. In this context, we introduce Locate360™, our cloud-based Intelligent RTLS designed to optimize workflows and ensure the safety of staff, patients, and assets alike. Let’s explore the compelling advantages of this revolutionary system.

Real-Time Asset Tracking for Cost Efficiency

Lost or misplaced equipment is not only frustrating but also costly. With Locate360™, you can track your medical assets in real-time, drastically reducing equipment loss.

Key Benefit:

  • Save significant amounts on replacing lost or misplaced equipment, making more funds available for patient care.

Staff Tracking for Enhanced Productivity

Streamline staff coordination by always knowing where team members are. Locate360™ allows managers and staff to locate each other instantaneously, improving workflow and service delivery.

Key Benefit:

  • Spend less time searching for team members and more time delivering quality patient care, improving both efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Patient Tracking for Safety and Security

Keeping track of patients, especially those who are vulnerable or have specific medical needs, is vital. Locate360™ provides real-time tracking that can significantly reduce risks associated with patient wandering or elopement.

Key Benefit:

  • Enhances patient safety, which in turn improves the overall reputation of your healthcare facility.

Optimized Workflows for Better Care

Efficiency isn’t just about saving time or cutting costs; it’s also about providing better care. Locate360™ gives you the data you need to understand how your facility works, allowing you to make informed decisions on optimizing various processes.

Key Benefit:

  • Make data-driven changes to your operational strategies to improve patient flow and staff workload, ultimately leading to better patient care.

Easy Integration for Immediate Implementation

The last thing any healthcare facility needs is a complicated system that requires extensive training and integration time. Locate360™ is designed to be user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Key Benefit:

  • Quick setup and minimal training mean that your staff can start benefiting from the system immediately, with little to no disruption to existing workflows.

Cloud-Based for Ultimate Scalability

Being cloud-based, Locate360™ offers you unparalleled flexibility and scalability, ensuring that as your facility grows, your RTLS can effortlessly scale along with it.

Key Benefit:

  • Future-proof your investment and easily adapt the system to new challenges and opportunities as they arise.


Locate360™ is more than just an RTLS; it’s a comprehensive solution for enhancing safety, efficiency, and the quality of care in your healthcare facility. From real-time tracking of assets, staff, and patients to workflow optimization, this cloud-based system offers a range of features tailored to meet today’s healthcare demands.

Ready to take your healthcare operations to the next level? Contact us today for a personalized demo of Locate360™.

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