Tailored Solutions for

Critical Access & Rural Hospitals

Experience the fusion of technology and care, designed specifically for the unique demands of rural healthcare settings. With Transparent Health, elevate patient experiences and streamline operations, ensuring cost-effective acquisition and maintenance, even in the most remote locations.

Value We Add

Empowering Critical Access & Rural Hospitals: Transparent Health seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care, optimize operations, and bridge resource gaps. With tools tailored to unique rural challenges, we’re your partner in delivering exceptional healthcare, no matter the location.

In resource-limited environments like critical access hospitals, our platform ensures every asset, staff member, and patient is efficiently managed and located in real-time. This not only conserves valuable resources but also speeds up care delivery.

Delays can be costly in remote healthcare settings. Our platform ensures that nurse calls are addressed promptly, and staff duress situations receive immediate attention, enhancing both patient and staff safety.

In places where teams might be smaller and wearing multiple hats, clear and direct communication is paramount. Our solutions offer streamlined, secure channels for team communication, reducing misunderstandings and potential errors.

Critical access hospitals might not have the extensive IT infrastructures of larger institutions. Our platform is built for easy integration with existing systems, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

With faster response times, efficient care coordination, and heightened safety measures, patients in critical access and rural hospitals receive a level of care that rivals larger, more urban facilities.

By optimizing asset management, reducing equipment misplacements, and offering low maintenance solutions, our platform ensures that these hospitals can function optimally without incurring unnecessary costs.

As needs evolve and hospitals grow, our platform can adapt, ensuring that these institutions are always at the forefront of healthcare technology and best practices.

Given the distant locations of many rural hospitals, our platform offers solutions that can be accessed and managed remotely. This ensures continuous operations even when on-site IT or administrative presence is limited.

Recognizing the distinct needs and challenges of rural healthcare settings, we provide customized training modules and dedicated support channels. This ensures the staff, regardless of their tech proficiency, can make the most of our platform’s capabilities.

With integrated data analytics, our platform offers actionable insights into hospital operations. These data-driven recommendations can guide hospital management in making informed decisions, optimizing patient flow, staff allocation, and overall operational efficiency.


Real-Time Location, Precision Meets Care

Redefining Resource Management in Critical Access and Rural Settings:

In environments where every resource counts, Locate360™ steps up to the challenge. This cloud-based system provides impeccable real-time tracking for staff, assets, and patients.

  • Enhance patient safety with swift response times.
  • Streamline asset management, reducing equipment loss and misplacement.
  • Strengthen staff safety with the Staff Duress feature, ensuring immediate assistance during emergencies.
  • Optimize workflows by understanding resource movement and usage patterns.


Bridging Communication Gaps in Critical Care

Immediate Response, Every Time:

Rural hospitals often face unique challenges that demand efficient coordination. Enter NurseConnect™. Tailored for acute and critical care environments, this mobile app:

  • Sends real-time nurse call notifications, reducing response times and elevating patient satisfaction.
  • Provides a secure platform for team communication, ensuring patient information remains confidential.
  • Enhances care coordination, reducing potential errors and improving patient outcomes.
  • Allows easy integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition with no workflow disruptions.


Unified Communication for Healthcare Excellence

Synchronized Communication for Enhanced Patient Care:

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, communication stands as a pillar. CommSafe™ is Transparent Health’s answer to the diverse communication needs of critical access and rural hospitals.

  • Maintain unified communication channels, streamlining information flow and reducing chances of miscommunication.
  • Respond swiftly to emergencies, ensuring patient and staff safety.
  • Integrate easily with third-party systems, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  • Enhance staff collaboration, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.

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Solutions We Offer

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Nurses collaborating on iPhone

Mobile App for Patient Response & Care Coordination

Streamline clinical workflows with instant nurse call notifications and secure mobile communication. Designed for efficiency, NurseConnect™ enhances staff coordination and patient care.

Independent Living

Senior Living eAlert & Safety System

Deliver immediate alerts and real-time location tracking for both staff and residents. GuardianCare™ is engineered to elevate safety and communication in senior living environments.

Nurse with iPhone

Integrated Secure Communication Suite

Experience a unified, secure communication platform with CommSafe™. Offering encrypted messaging and confidential voice and video calls, it ensures safe, seamless interactions across your healthcare organization.


Intelligent & Cloud-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Unlock the power of real-time asset, staff, and patient tracking with pinpoint accuracy. Locate360™ optimizes workflows and ensures safety throughout your healthcare facility.

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