Connecting Care Seamlessly.

Experience next-level care coordination. With NurseConnect™, prioritize patient response, streamline workflows, and drive effective team communication—all in the palm of your hand.

Features & Benefits

Elevate your care coordination experience with NurseConnect™. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, we’ve designed features that not only boost efficiency but also champion seamless communication and care in every healthcare setting. Dive into a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for today’s nursing professionals.

Elevate patient care with swift, direct nurse call alerts. Reduce response times and ensure every call receives immediate attention.

Empower your team. Know who’s available, who’s on break, and who’s attending to a patient. Facilitate seamless shift handovers and task assignments.

Ensure every piece of communication remains confidential. Our encrypted platform keeps patient information and team conversations secure.

Break the barriers. Connect instantly with any department, whether it’s pharmacy, labs, or administration, streamlining overall hospital operations.

Experience crisp, clear, and secure voice and video calls, ensuring efficient communication without compromising on patient data security.

Optimize patient-staff communication with an integrated SIP dialer. This facilitates direct audio calls from nurse call systems, ensuring immediate and clear communication.

Seamlessly integrate with leading nurse call systems, ensuring compatibility and streamlined operations, irrespective of your existing infrastructure.

Built for scale. Whether you’re managing a single unit or multiple facilities, NurseConnect™ seamlessly integrates, all while being cloud-hosted for easy access and maintenance.

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FAQs & Use Cases:

Dive into our frequently asked questions and practical use cases to understand the depth of NurseConnect™’s capabilities and how it can streamline your healthcare operations. Get answers, insights, and envision the transformation in real-time scenarios.

NurseConnect™ instantly relays patient call notifications directly to the assigned nurse’s mobile device, ensuring prompt responses and eliminating the need for traditional call bell systems.

Yes, NurseConnect™ supports team-based care. Any available nurse or caregiver can acknowledge and respond to a notification, ensuring patients receive timely assistance.

Our platform allows for secure messaging and voice calls between staff members, promoting real-time collaboration and informed decision-making.

Absolutely! NurseConnect™ supports the most important nurse call systems and integration protocols, ensuring a seamless transition.

The SIP Dialer enables direct audio calls from the app to patient rooms integrated with compatible nurse call systems, further enhancing patient-nurse communication.
By providing real-time notifications and prioritizing calls based on urgency, it ensures patients receive immediate attention during critical moments.
Yes, notifications can be tailored based on the priority level and specific needs of your healthcare facility.
NurseConnect™ incorporates an intuitive scheduling feature, allowing managers to allocate shifts, monitor availability, and manage staff rotations efficiently. This ensures that there is always adequate coverage while reducing scheduling conflicts and overtime issues.
NurseConnect™ provides clear and concise handover notes, ensuring seamless transitions between shifts and continuity of care.

Our platform scales to meet the needs of your facility, from small clinics to large hospitals.

Our messaging is encrypted end-to-end, prioritizing the privacy and security of sensitive patient information.
While NurseConnect™ is primarily focused on communication and coordination, we’re constantly updating and have provisions for integration with popular EHR systems.
NurseConnect™ is user-friendly, but we also offer comprehensive training resources and support to ensure smooth adoption.
Yes, NurseConnect™ offers insights into response times, communication logs, and other key metrics to help improve patient care and team efficiency.
Absolutely! NurseConnect™ is designed to integrate seamlessly with many existing healthcare software and systems. Our goal is to ensure smooth interoperability, enhancing the efficiency of care coordination without disrupting your current workflows. If you have specific systems in mind, we’re here to discuss integration options.
Yes, our app is available for both platforms, ensuring wide accessibility for all staff members.
The app prioritizes high-urgency notifications and can alert backup or specialized staff when critical situations arise.
NurseConnect™ offers a dynamic status management feature, allowing staff to easily update their availability. This ensures real-time visibility into staff status, helping to coordinate response times and streamline patient care. Managers can also view these statuses at a glance, optimizing team coordination and resource allocation.
We offer 24/7 customer support, including troubleshooting, training, and updates.
We regularly update NurseConnect™ with new features and improvements. Users receive notifications about updates, and the process is designed to be seamless with minimal disruption.

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Who We Serve

At Transparent Health, our mission is to transform the healthcare landscape through intelligent, integrated solutions for safety and communication. From acute care settings to long-term residences, our solutions are versatile, scalable, and designed for your specific challenges.

Solutions We Offer

Discover our solutions designed to bring safety, efficiency, and seamless communication to organizations just like yours.
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Nurses collaborating on iPhone

Mobile App for Patient Response & Care Coordination

Streamline clinical workflows with instant nurse call notifications and secure mobile communication. Designed for efficiency, NurseConnect™ enhances staff coordination and patient care.

Independent Living

Senior Living eAlert & Safety System

Deliver immediate alerts and real-time location tracking for both staff and residents. GuardianCare™ is engineered to elevate safety and communication in senior living environments.

Nurse with iPhone

Integrated Secure Communication Suite

Experience a unified, secure communication platform with CommSafe™. Offering encrypted messaging and confidential voice and video calls, it ensures safe, seamless interactions across your healthcare organization.


Intelligent & Cloud-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Unlock the power of real-time asset, staff, and patient tracking with pinpoint accuracy. Locate360™ optimizes workflows and ensures safety throughout your healthcare facility.

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