Elevate Safety in Senior Living

Ensuring the well-being of residents and staff with real-time alerts and precise location tracking.

Features & Benefits

Empower your senior living facility with GuardianCare™. Dive into a comprehensive suite of features meticulously designed to enhance safety, streamline communication, and foster an environment of trust and transparency. From real-time tracking to secure messaging, experience the pinnacle of care coordination for residents and staff alike.

Equip both residents and staff with the power of immediate alerts, paving the way for rapid assistance and ensuring an environment where safety is paramount.

Gain instant insights into the whereabouts of residents and staff. Enhance operational efficiency, increase security, and optimize response strategies with accurate, real-time location data.

Receive specific, area-targeted alerts to enhance the precision of communication, allowing for a more organized and efficient response mechanism.

Stay informed on-the-go. Our system ensures you’re always in the know, whether you’re in a meeting room, the garden, or any corner of the facility.

Foster deeper connections with residents or fellow staff members through secure voice and video features. Facilitate essential face-to-face interactions, even from a distance, without compromising privacy.

Communicate confidently and consistently. With GuardianCare™, your messages are more than just text—they’re protected conversations.Safeguard your communications and ensure peace of mind for both sender and receiver with our robust messaging system.

Strengthen bonds of trust by keeping families and healthcare providers constantly informed. Our platform promotes open, transparent communication, bridging gaps and ensuring a collaborative care environment.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, every moment counts. Our cloud-hosted, enterprise-level solution allows for a swift and straightforward integration of GuardianCare™ across multiple facilities. Seamlessly bring enhanced communication and safety to each of your locations, all backed by our comprehensive support.

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FAQs & Use Cases:

Dive deep into the functionalities and features of GuardianCare™. Explore our frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of how our system elevates safety, communication, and well-being in senior living facilities.

Absolutely. Our real-time location tracking feature ensures you always know the exact location of residents, assisting in swiftly locating those who may wander.
Yes, GuardianCare™ offers plug-and-play deployments, making it adaptable and easy to integrate even in older infrastructure.

Certainly. Our system can be configured to send alerts to designated family members, ensuring they remain informed.

Staff and residents can activate the duress alarm in emergencies, sending an immediate notification to relevant personnel for a swift response.

Absolutely. GuardianCare™ offers encrypted voice, video, and messaging features, ensuring complete privacy and security.

Yes, our platform is designed for seamless integration with various existing communication tools in senior living facilities.

GuardianCare™ utilizes robust and redundant communication channels, ensuring that alerts and tracking remain consistently active, even in challenging environments or situations.

Yes, GuardianCare™ offers mobile apps tailored for both staff and families, ensuring seamless communication and alerts on-the-go.
GuardianCare™ categorizes notifications into three levels: High Priority, Mid Priority, and Low Priority. This ensures that the most critical alerts are attended to immediately, while less urgent notifications are still effectively communicated and addressed in a timely manner.
Alerts can be targeted to specific rooms or zones, ensuring that only the relevant personnel receive notifications, reducing response times.
Our platform offers secure messaging and voice features, allowing staff members to swiftly communicate, collaborate, and coordinate care.

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive training resources and support to ensure your team can make the most of GuardianCare™.

Yes, GuardianCare™ is scalable and can be configured to monitor and manage multiple facilities, offering a centralized view.

The wearables designed for staff have a durable battery that lasts 2+ years, ensuring long-term usage without frequent replacements. On the other hand, the resident wearables come with a rechargeable battery feature, ensuring they are always ready for use with regular charging.

GuardianCare™ is a cloud-hosted solution, eliminating the need for on-premises servers. This approach ensures scalability, ease of updates, and reduces infrastructure costs for our clients.

No, GuardianCare™ is designed to cater to facilities of all sizes and can accommodate multiple users simultaneously.
Yes, our platform can seamlessly integrate with EHR systems, ensuring cohesive data management and communication.
Absolutely. Regular software updates are included to ensure you always have access to the latest features and security enhancements.
We offer 24/7 support with a dedicated team to address any concerns or challenges you may encounter.
Yes, with real-time location tracking, our system can assist in swiftly locating residents and staff during emergencies, ensuring everyone’s safety during evacuations.

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At Transparent Health, our mission is to transform the healthcare landscape through intelligent, integrated solutions for safety and communication. From acute care settings to long-term residences, our solutions are versatile, scalable, and designed for your specific challenges.

Solutions We Offer

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Nurses collaborating on iPhone

Mobile App for Patient Response & Care Coordination

Streamline clinical workflows with instant nurse call notifications and secure mobile communication. Designed for efficiency, NurseConnect™ enhances staff coordination and patient care.

Independent Living

Senior Living eAlert & Safety System

Deliver immediate alerts and real-time location tracking for both staff and residents. GuardianCare™ is engineered to elevate safety and communication in senior living environments.

Nurse with iPhone

Integrated Secure Communication Suite

Experience a unified, secure communication platform with CommSafe™. Offering encrypted messaging and confidential voice and video calls, it ensures safe, seamless interactions across your healthcare organization.


Intelligent & Cloud-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Unlock the power of real-time asset, staff, and patient tracking with pinpoint accuracy. Locate360™ optimizes workflows and ensures safety throughout your healthcare facility.

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