Unified Communication, Unrivaled Security

CommSafe™ delivers secure, integrated, and global communication solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. From one-on-one chats to team-wide discussions, maintain clarity, compliance, and collaboration at all times.”

Features & Benefits

Redefining Seamless Communication:
Immerse in a transformative suite designed not just to connect but to protect, ensuring efficient collaboration with unparalleled security.

Safeguard every piece of information shared. With end-to-end encryption, rest assured your data is in safe hands.

 Stay connected no matter where you are. Our robust voice and video features ensure clear and real-time communication.

Foster team collaboration with the flexibility of group discussions or one-on-one chats, all within a secure environment.

With CommSafe™, coordinate patient care more effectively by creating dedicated secure group chats centered around individual patient needs. This feature ensures that all relevant staff members stay informed and can collaborate in real-time, ensuring optimal care and timely decision-making for each patient.

Choose when you want to be notified. Stay updated without being overwhelmed.

Whether on a mobile, tablet, or desktop, CommSafe™ offers a seamless experience.

Experience unhindered communication no matter where you are. With CommSafe™, as long as you have internet connectivity, you can connect, collaborate, and coordinate from anywhere in the world, ensuring uninterrupted care coordination and team collaboration.

Seamlessly manage floating staff members across multiple facilities with CommSafe™. Designed for large-scale operations, our platform ensures consistent communication and coordination, allowing staff to effortlessly transition between locations while staying fully connected and informed.

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FAQs & Use Cases:

Discover the ins and outs of CommSafe™ through our carefully curated FAQs. From functionality to user-specific scenarios, get clarity on how our platform can revolutionize your communication needs.

Absolutely. CommSafe™ ensures HIPAA compliant staff-to-staff secure messaging, safeguarding patient information and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Yes, CommSafe™ supports both staff-to-department secure messaging and voice communication, facilitating team-wide coordination.

Indeed. CommSafe™ provides secure group messaging, voice, and video communication, allowing teams to collaborate effectively.

Certainly. Our platform supports staff-to-staff as well as staff-to-department secure video communication.

We offer patient-centric secure group messaging, enabling healthcare providers to discuss and collaborate on patient care in a secure environment.

Yes. CommSafe™ supports audio and video calls on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, offering flexibility in communication.

CommSafe™ provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all your communications, be it messaging, voice, or video, remain confidential and secure.

Yes, with global accessibility, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access CommSafe™ from anywhere in the world.

Absolutely. CommSafe™ is designed on an enterprise-level, supporting multi-facility staffing, including floating staff members across different locations.

CommSafe™ is available for both iOS and Android, ensuring broad accessibility for all staff members.

Secure group messaging, audio, and video features allow multiple team members to engage simultaneously, fostering real-time collaboration and decision-making.

Absolutely. You can tailor each patient-centric secure group, ensuring that only pertinent members are involved, enhancing privacy and focus.

Yes, CommSafe™ is designed to accommodate unlimited devices and users, ensuring scalability and adaptability to growing organizational needs.

Yes, the enterprise-level design of CommSafe™ supports floating staff members, allowing them to seamlessly communicate irrespective of their current facility.

CommSafe™ provides read receipts for messages, ensuring you are always aware of the communication status.

Yes, with group communication features, multiple departments can come together for collaborative discussions on specific cases or topics.

CommSafe™ is designed for optimal usability across devices, ensuring a seamless experience on tablets, smartphones, and desktops alike.

Our platform ensures high-quality voice communication, minimizing disruptions and ensuring clear conversations.

No, CommSafe™ allows for uninterrupted voice and video conversations without imposing any time restrictions, ensuring comprehensive and unhindered communication.

CommSafe™ is hosted on robust infrastructure, designed to handle high traffic and usage spikes, ensuring reliable communication at all times.

Empower Communication Like Never Before.

Who We Serve

At Transparent Health, our mission is to transform the healthcare landscape through intelligent, integrated solutions for safety and communication. From acute care settings to long-term residences, our solutions are versatile, scalable, and designed for your specific challenges.

Solutions We Offer

Discover our solutions designed to bring safety, efficiency, and seamless communication to organizations just like yours.
Transform the way you manage care and enhance your operational effectiveness today.

Nurses collaborating on iPhone

Mobile App for Patient Response & Care Coordination

Streamline clinical workflows with instant nurse call notifications and secure mobile communication. Designed for efficiency, NurseConnect™ enhances staff coordination and patient care.

Independent Living

Senior Living eAlert & Safety System

Deliver immediate alerts and real-time location tracking for both staff and residents. GuardianCare™ is engineered to elevate safety and communication in senior living environments.

Nurse with iPhone

Integrated Secure Communication Suite

Experience a unified, secure communication platform with CommSafe™. Offering encrypted messaging and confidential voice and video calls, it ensures safe, seamless interactions across your healthcare organization.


Intelligent & Cloud-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Unlock the power of real-time asset, staff, and patient tracking with pinpoint accuracy. Locate360™ optimizes workflows and ensures safety throughout your healthcare facility.

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